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Read how describes H.M.C. and Canis

On H.M.C.: This Cleveland-based group cooks up an interesting mix of hardcore lyricism with a gangster rap delivery. The ground-shaking bassline and high-pitched whine are pure California.

On Canis: Skilled Cleveland emcee drops intelligent verses that deal with the legal system and the state of affairs between men and women. Production is high-tech and funky with crisp, clean beats, minimal guitar picking, dense bass bumps, and layered keyboards.

Here's some of our listener reviews

On "Real Niggaz"
pokinfingr: I like this one, wanted to hear more though. Sounded good. Had a nice hook and the beat was tight.

24KGOLD: The beat was tight, but you could only feel a few seconds of what the cut had to offer.

amandahgrrrl: it was okay i wish i could of heard more though

fifepowder: This song makes me want ta kick someones ass!!! Yeah!! And i want ta hear the medium rare version instead of the raw one.

waxhell: this song rocks

ghostndark: aiight this song had some tight a$$ beats and the flow was hard!!! it brought the music straight to your head!!

sophtman: very nice. good beat good vocals. nice flowing. i want to hear more!!!!

ronniestewart: BOOm BOOm BOOm! This song ROCKS!! The low bass sound is so authentic that my home speakers sound like I'm sitting at a red light next to that "One Guy" that always has the hip hop blasting with his windows shut and all you hear is BOOm, BOOm, BOOm, from the Hot Bass. H.M.C. - Post those lyrics for us and in it's their face man! Great song - gonna give another listen now, and it's on my playlist! Too-day. riffage/ronniestewartgroup

babe2000: 4 musicnotes out of 5

groovegirl: really good stuff, but the poor-quality recording isn't doing them any favors. i'd love to hear these guys live.

On "A Thug Between Da Sheets"
ronniestewart: "Your pu$$ees so loose I could stick in my foot!?! Who thought of that Lyric!?! Brings back memories of those great fisting and ummm, 'footing' videos I grew up on. -This tune is Excellent!! - Great keys in the background. HMC Proves that with their talent , they can put great lyrics behind any type of background music. riffage/ronniestewartgroup
Smooth Jam
On "Adam & Eve"
funkselector:   Smooth Jam
Real smooth. Put together well. Has a ton of potential. Very original. The beat is real tight which enhances the rest of the song. Lyrics are just perfect with the eerie background music. Great jam!

AverageSchmuck: someday my prince paul will come
first off, way too much bass/sub-bass, lyrics were delivered in confidence, but lacked substance, good length, a bit more work in sequencing and sounds is needed

On the joint "Pistols Up"
weAponX: I don't know if I can tell ya what you want ta hear about this - cos basically I don't know enough about this genre- So I'm gonna treat it as virgin territory
1st plus: the music aspect is nice n simple, and well constructed.
2nd plus: there is a nice groove.
3rd Plus: the rhymes are executed excellently, and well thought out- the effects added (ie, the shotgun blast sounds and stuff) to accent some of the lyrics are well placed,
The only thing that bugs me, kinda, is the cacaphony of voices at certain places in the song. But then again it sounds like an intentional thing. So I guess I wanna axe ya, is dat what ya wanted ta happen with the song?I hope some of my comments are helpful but I'm just a rocker so I don't know dat much about dis stuff. But I can tell ya I like it.Maybe ya can add some beef to da beat? Not too much beef, though. I like it how it is though. Nice an simple. Leaves room for the Emcees.

Grimmbaby: Excellent Phat groove. Dig the sort-of addams family piano line. Gives it a slight playful and threatening edge. This tune did not bore me at all. There is enough vocal rap changeups and clever samples that don't foul the mix, you kept me interested. One complaint. Wish the main vocal chorus, or is it your bridge, was a tad bit louder in the mix. Other than that, you guys sound real and not like the crap that usually come out of underground hip-hop. Recommended listening.

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