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Canis (Da Don Kanevil)'s Bio

Reginald Huei
Stage Name:
Canis(Da Don Kanevil)
H.M.C. (Hellish Made Clique)
Cleveland, Ohio (originally from Venezuela, South America)
Label Affiliate:
Simmons Time Records
Canis, Kamikaze, Kanevil take your pick he will answer to either or. Reggie Huei as we know him is your average 20 year olds, with an extraordinary talent and grasp on life. The difference between most of today’s rap artist and Canis is he has a deep, deep love for music for the art form and every aspect of the hiphop culture. He lives, eat, sleeps, shits, breathes hiphop. From his days as a fifth grader he has been involved with rap, always improving his skills. Now 20 years old in the new millennium he feels his time has come to shine. In his pursuit for a music career he has walked over many obstacles. From family and friends saying he was a fool for pursuing a music career. Letting himself get involved deeply with opposite sex, talent show let downs, getting involved with the wrong kind of crowd. Once he even got his notebook full of poetry and rhymes he wrote stolen.

     As the corner stone of Internet popular group H.M.C.(Hellish Made Clique), executive producer Landry Simmons saw something special about Reggie. This prompted the making of My Life in Exchange 4 Yours, Canis’s solo release a Simmons Time Records exclusive. An album which while stimulating your brain with hard-core original production, it manipulates your conscience with twisted metaphors. A true mixture of styles of hiphop, showing Canis is versatile in different aspects of hiphop.
Solo Appearance on H.M.C.'s Cd :
A Thug Between Da Sheets
Friends & Foes

Canis (Da Don Kanevil)'s Bio